Google My Business is a free tool that lets you manage how your local business appears across Google products, like Maps and Search. If you run a business that serves customers at a particular location, or you serve customers within a designated service area, Google My Business can help people find you. Verified businesses on Google are twice as likely to be considered reputable by users.

Maintaining your business presence on Google My Business can help customers discover the products and services you provide, contact you, and find your location.

And it’s all free.  

Google Search

When you type any business name (not a complete URL) into the search bar, Google will come back with the most likely venue in your area.

On the left, you’ll see the usual search term results and websites but on the right you’ll get Google’s business listing.

Now this is mostly filled in with info known to Google and more importantly, others who have visited. Anyone registered with Google can suggest edits, ask questions or leave reviews.

This can happen (and a lot of the time it does) without the knowledge of the business owner.

If you haven’t ‘claimed’ your business online, you will be oblivious to changes to your business details, what photos have been posted and whether you’ve had positive or negative reviews.

This is not where you want to leave your business online.

How to claim.


When you come across a business, which has not been claimed, there will be a link ‘claim this business’.

You’ll need to verify this is your business. The most common way is for Google to send you a postcard in the mail (yep, via Australia Post) with a secret code you will need to enter, to claim your business. Once its verified you will be able to access your dashboard where you can ad/edit details, set up your website and monitor your businesses' performance on google.

What are the benefits?

First, you’ll have control of your business online, on the world’s biggest search engine.

That’s pretty much a no-brainer.

Well, you won’t be able to control reviews but you’ll be aware of them and you will be able to respond.

You will also be able to add photos as well as connect internal 360-degree vision, directly to Google Maps.

But wait, there's more!

Google give you a FREE website space, which you can build up yourself easily to look decent.

Not only will this complement your existing business website, it also adds another level to your visibility on GOOGLE.

Because it’s on Google, this will give your business a great boost when it comes to the elusive SEO.

Nobody in the real world knows Google indexing algorithms exactly, but rest assured, the bigger your Google presence, the higher you will rate within their search engine!

So, the benefits are aplenty and it’s FREE!


Why am I telling you all this?

A couple of reasons.

I’m a Google Local Guide and Google Trusted Photographer – I add reviews and photos to Google listings I’ve been to (I don’t get paid for this).

However, I also run a business creating multi-media content, aerial photography, websites, virtual tours and 360 photography as well as search engine optimisation (SEO). (I sometimes do get paid for this)

Helping people claim their business on Google allows me to offer my services, to further improve their online presence and get the most out of what's available.

Whether it's SEO, Virtual Tours, a Website or simply written content, I'm happy to help. You can contact me in all sorts of ways, trusted


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